Oggy Ceo

Oggy Ceo -NFT

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is an irrevocable, irreplaceable digital certificate created and saved in the blockchain as a container of all kinds of unique info (creator, sales track, chain of owners, links of placement, price records, etc.) about a particular object.
Unlike most other NFTs, Infam tokens are registered on a separate (private) smart contract and aren't just GIF pics uploaded to the server through links. In the case of Oggy Ceo NFTs, everything is completely safe and secure: the NFT will be restored by private smart contract, unlike most platforms.
Oggy Ceo ecosystem is managed by the DAO, in which 51% of the votes are custom-distributed among users through 51 NFTs, each of which gives the holder a 1% vote. This modern way of managing a decentralized community provides transparency in decision making and the management of digital assets.
  • 1 NFT = 1% voice in DAO. DAO co-owners receive an annual bonus from the profits of the entire DAO. Quarterly rewards are paid when holding NFT for more than one year.
  • Ownership of NFTs gives a guarantee of getting into Whitelist on Oggy Ceo Launchpad.
  • Automatic participation in the tokens' Airdrops from Oggy Ceo partners.
  • Active gamification. Actively voting NFT' holders receive more bonuses and status upgrades.
All our NFTs are unique art pieces. Some investors want to buy NFT selfies from stars and celebrities, others dream of the Mona Lisa, and sports fans will kill for video moments. Oggy Ceo NFTs are lovely, trendy, stylish, and absolutely swell surprise videos hidden in the magic boxes! Remember we are at the very beginning of NFT AGE so Totoro Inu NFTs are antique by definition.
Each Totoro Inu NFT is a certificate of the owner's right to long-term investment but, most importantly, each NFT is an additional means of earning. For example, whitelisting for Oggy Ceo Launchpad projects, a 1% vote in management DAO decisions, automatic participation in bonus programs, airdrops from Totoro Inu partners, and access to news, chats, and data.