Oggy Ceo


Oggy Ceo is not just a meme token, but a Premium Version that revolutionizes the best ever Real Yield Ecosystem , GameFi, Staking, and NFT Generator. Oggy Ceo is 100% community-driven, reflecting a 5% taxes and share REAL profits to holders - who really support the project. Totoro Inu power comes from the community , We have a mechanism to burn 20% of the tokens to ensure benefits as well as reduce risks for investors !
The team behind Oggy Ceo is confident in their project and has a strong development team in place. To ensure fairness, there are no team tokens, and the project is focused on building a strong community. The project will also apply for a fast track listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, which will give it more exposure to potential investors. To ensure a successful launch, the project has a huge marketing plan, including a 150BNB hard cap and an aggressive Twitter campaign.