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Launchpad is the platform where developers hope to raise capital to launch and grow. They also contribute to building a community around a crypto project, especially by connecting investors and developers together at an early stage. While new projects are raising capital, investors have early access to innovations that have the potential to deliver high sustainable returns. Most investors just collect new project portfolios for themselves, because in the long run, every project grows and becomes profitable. Over time, you can achieve a steady income from different projects.
Initial DEX Incentives (IDOs) are one of the effective mechanisms to attract investors' capital. Thanks IDO, you can choose a potential new project project, you can research about the project's long-term development strategy and invest by purchasing an allocated amount of the project's tokens. project with the best price at the early stage. After that, the work you need to do is wait for the project to be launched on the floor, if the project grows - you are already profitable.
Issues of the current Launchpad market:
  • Launchpad has been plagued with doubts about bias, independence, and expertise
  • The selling mechanism is complicated, which means that many people cannot participate
  • Lack of community support, in potential technology projects
  • Excess token meme
  • Poor project selectivity
These problems cannot be solved with the current market structure. That's why we need to create a whole new platform that directly handles and solves them. Our vision is to change the way Launchpad works, to create a Crypto space for new investors that offers a transparent view of investment opportunities and all the risks associated with them.
The Totoro Inu DAO acts as a repository of project tokens and provides control over the funds raised on Totoro Inu Launchpad as a fundraising platform. The allocation of investor funds will not be done through the owner's wallet, but by a self-contained smart contract operating on the DAO — all transactions with the initial investment and tokens received are only may be implemented if they are approved by a vote of the members of the DAO. In other words, everything is as transparent as possible and tracked through the blockchain browser