Oggy Ceo

Oggy Ceo DEX

We all know the story of how cryptocurrency trading began, one of the main principles of creating this convenient means of payment, was anonymity and decentralization. As time passed, a lot has changed. Big companies have dominated the market, now to trade on centralized exchange you have to fully verify your identity, all your funds and transactions become transparent to scrutiny supervision by the supervisory authority.
Governments of different countries require these companies to provide data on customers accounts, taxes are already levied and in general they try to regulate all activities related to cryptocurrency.
The governments of certain countries, under the threat of sanctions, are forcing large exchanges to impose restrictions on users from certain countries. Many users do not like this situation.
Oggy Ceo Dex will first of all be useful for our players, we care about our users and value your comfort. For example, you found a unique and rare item in the game, and sold it, got a lot of money, let's assume it is $ 10,000 or more, you can easily exchange the received coins $Oggy Ceo in the game for dollars in your wallet. Over time, when the game will be fully released on the market, Oggy Ceo dex will gain more popularity and it will be used not only by players, but also by other people.